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ANR Founder Interview about $1 million Coronavirus challenge to the Australian Media and Government to show independent proof they aren’t lying about the inflated COVID deaths

ANR Founder Interview about $1 million Coronavirus challenge to the Australian Media and Government to show independent proof they aren’t lying about the inflated COVID deaths.

By Jamie McIntyre

Interview about my $1 million Coronavirus challenge to the Australian Media and Government to show independent proof they aren’t lying about the inflated Covid deaths.
And yet 3 days later still not one politician or journalists willing to show proof of the Covid death tally let alone the daily case tally.



Original source: https://www.facebook.com/100001092086344/posts/3284603831585987/?d=n

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Video goes viral of ANR Founder as he slams mainstream media and politicians and calls “bullshit of the inflated deaths and cases of the Coronavirus” and offers a $1,000,000 challenge to them to prove they aren’t lying to the public

Video goes viral of ANR Founder as he slams mainstream media and politicians and calls “bullshit of the inflated deaths and cases of the Coronavirus” and offers a $1,000,000 challenge to them to prove they aren’t lying to the public.

By Jamie McIntyre


Original Source: https://www.facebook.com/100001092086344/posts/3272619442784426/?d=n

Don’t get me wrong. Yes, it’s killing people. And it is a serious health concern for the vulnerable in society.
But how many exactly (considering the National Health Institute in Italy told us months ago the deaths listed were falsified by 88% – only 12% listed had actually died of the Coronavirus) https://www.facebook.com/awakenwithjp/videos/255880068997720/?vh=e&extid=QZ8PewuInonJR5cx and does it even qualify as a “pandemic“ under the 2010 definition before Bill Gates and vaccine makers had it changed after they got caught out in 2010 trying to hype a “normal flu strain into a pandemic back then (see the motion in the European Parliament in 2010 re the vaccine makers dangerous levels of influence over WHO and how by getting it deemed as a pandemic Govts have to pay tens of billions to the drug companies from pre-existing contracts and now WHO wants $301 billion more for them) (and Gates Fauci and co learnt about lying with statistics back in the Aids scam era so it’s not that they aren’t well seasoned at such rorts and how to use statistics to lie. Plus before 2020 people also died every day before the Coronavirus, and we didn’t count it like a global sport we do today. We didn’t care how many got the flu today, or passed it onto others today so why do we care now and the flu is proven to be deadly to people of all ages not just those elderly that sick and dying. We’ve had deadly flu seasons before, yet we didn’t call it a “virus“ and commit economic suicide. And if we didn’t have a US election coming up would we even have heard of this so-called “Novel Coronavirus’ or even care?
It just of late most deaths are for non-valid reasons attributed to the “coronavirus“.

Yet have we seen a spike in human deaths that a pandemic would surely show?

In fact the opposite

But let’s get back to this falsified pandemic (meaning we are being lied to about the real case numbers and real mortality rates and have been since day one, plus lied to about needing to be locked down to a vaccine comes out, lied to that there are no effective treatments otherwise. In fact have we been this lied to since those “weapons of mass destruction“?

I challenged the fraudulent vaccine industry to a million dollar challenge back in 2016 to show independent evidence that vaccine’s are safe, effective and necessary as the world deserves safe effective and necessary vaccines and until we have them there should be a 5-year minimum moratorium on vaccines.
The actor Robert De Niro and Robert Kennedy Jnr (JFK’s nephew also put $100k each) as a challenge to the industry.
Of course there were no takers
I’m calling bullshit on the Coronavirus issue now as well, and putting up a $1 million challenge that it’s a falsified pandemic and hyped for political agendas, thus why they are inflated death and case numbers.
It isn’t anything as bad as they originally made out which is already evident and it’s questionable if it is even “novel “.
But hey I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is. I know those who are pushing this falsified pandemic aren’t as they keep telling one lie on the other.
Yes it’s a health concern but the real concern perhaps should be the loss of civil liberties, the already increasing suicides, destruction of jobs and business’s and the deadly socialist agenda behind this fraud and the unnecessary indirect deaths that occur to those not getting normal medical care as many hospitals are left empty for the rush of patients that have yet to materialise in many hospitals.

And why are they hiding cheap effective treatments that have saved 100% of Coronavirus patients in many hospitals ?

Is it because we are meant to wait for a rushed to market vaccine to inject into us healthy folk that the “super deadly corona flu can’t seem to hurt “

And why are we calling so many “infected and sick “as cases when if one has no symptoms then why are they called “sick “
A new phenomenon just for the “Coronavirus “
There isn’t enough sick so now they can’t “cases“ yet even if you aren’t tested but have a cough you clinically are counted as having Covid or have been in contact with anyone who has had a cough you can be also counted.

Plus they count you every day as a new case did you know ?

And in Melbourne 1 person at a party of 20 had it allegedly.
So without testing they list the other 19 of having it.

Why the hype over case counting instead of those who are actually sick.

Why no accurate testing, yet we take the 50-80% inaccurate testing as accurate ?

This scam wouldn’t pass the non-skeptical 3rd grade maths student but sure doesn’t get pulled up by the all-knowing“ mainstream media TV presenter “

Also, a good article highlighting some of the things I and others have been highlighting


And what many Doctors have to say as well re the continued media misinformation


Also see the www.australiannationalreview.com for my weekly videos and independent media.

Further statistics

What the media will never dare tell you – Nearly 20% of Australia has been tested. Well and truly statistically valid enough to make assumptions. 4,630,000 who had to present with some sort of risk factor.

There are currently 8,000 active cases or 0.032% of the Australian Population – hence the need to talk about total cases which looks worse at 0.0792% of the Australian population

Death rate? 0.00102% across Australia population. Or 0.0055% across every single test conducted. 300% MORE people died from falling over last year in Australia. Globally 500,000 children under 5 died last year from Diarrhea, and 4,000 Australians died last year from asbestos related illness.

Hospitals? At March 2020 “There are 191 ICUs in Australia with 2378 available intensive care beds during baseline activity” COVID is resulting in 2% (52) of ICU hospital beds being used ………WITHOUT any extra ICU beds being created of which “ICUs report capacity to increase intensive care beds by up to 191%.”. Even if 100% of COVID hospital admissions where added into the ICU unit – with increased capacity to 4815 beds – there would still be 87% spare capacity.

300% expected deaths increases from suicide. 1,500,000 extra deaths from TB over the next 5 years. Cancer diagnosis tests are down 80% In a year.


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ANR Founders vision for Australia presented at NSW Parliament in 2018

ANR Founders vision for Australia presented at NSW Parliament in 2018

By Jamie McIntyre, Founder of 21st Century Australia



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How many more lies can they expect us to believe about the Coronavirus and why many fall for such scams, which endanger the world as we know it says “ANR Founder”

How many more lies can they expect us to believe about the Coronavirus and why many fall for such scams, which endanger the world as we know it says “ANR Founder”.

By Jamie McIntyre



Part 2 : Warning this video contains some swear words.
How many more lies about the Coronavirus must we accept before we say enough is enough ?


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ANR Founder lets loose on victorian politician pushing mandatory vaccinations and wanting non vaxxers banned from society.

By Jamie McIntyre

What an idiot ( Australian Politician Raff Ciccone)
How stupid can one be to push such dangerous nonsense? This is the state of Australian politics with hopeless uneducated individuals like this so easily manipulated by the vaccine industry (or paid to spruik drugs and peer pressure young children and sick elderly into taking dangerous, unproven, untested and unnecessary and rushed to market drugs approved via corrupt regulators)

Even those that are for vaccines don’t support in most cases mandatory vaccinations as it must always be a personal choice what gets injected into your body. Right?

Why would we need a vaccine for the corona virus?
Its death rate is already below that of bad flu and that’s based on the 88% inflated death records from reclassification,( see the National Health Institute of Italy stating 88% of recorded deaths did not die of the Corona virus but simply with it and had 2-3-4 other Comorbidities)

Please show some scientific evidence on why should healthy people endure such a dangerous medical intervention that is going to kill and injure many when they don’t need protection from it.

We do have a thing called natural herd immunity something that has been proven to work time and time again for other diseases, unlike the myth and danger of attempted vaccine-induced immunity which is still never been proven to work.
At best it would be partial and waning and likely to cause more outbreaks of the disease, not to mention making the healthy sick to save those mostly already dying.

(are we repeating history again like after the 1976 Swine Flue falsified pandemic where they forcibly vaccinated Americans killing, paralysis and injuring many – see 60 minutes swine flu expose 1976)

(the industry has a pattern of blaming vaccine death on the virus killing them, when it’s a dodgy untested vaccine – the perfect spin and cover-up as they use the vaccines deaths to cause fear of the disease, even more, to further boost their sales.)

Any political party with the balls to oppose mandatory vaccinations will get a truckload of educated voters. The other parties can have the hapless minority that is too stupid to question vaccine safety.

Why don’t we remove seat belts from cars and anyone that dare puts a seat belt on is to lose their family benefits, banned from restaurants, banned from childcare and soon from attending school and not allowed to keep their job.
That makes perfect sense.
I mean how dare we suggest vaccines be made safe and effective and even necessary just like anyone who dares suggest’s cars be made safer, and more effective and necessary with seat belts is a complete idiot.
If humanity falls we have evidence of why

When we elect politicians this mind-numbingly stupid.

I challenge anyone any time publicly who opposes the need that any vaccines must be safe, necessary, and effective. And if and when that happens we will take them.
In the meantime, all vaccines should be banned until they can prove the above. ( the world will be just fine  and well soon discover how healthy kids become without vaccines – as independent studies are now showing unvaccinated kids are healthier)

Something the industry hasn’t and can’t produce nor cares as they have an exemption from killing you or your children since the 80’s when sales jumped from $169 million pa to $59 billion today and thanks to Bill Gates bribes to Govts to pass mandatory vaccinations $100 billion pa 2024 target could be achieved ahead of time (at profit margins according to Wall Street analysts at up to 40%) – note vaccine sales have boomed 50-70 years after we never needed them. Major diseases in western countries in the mid 50’s were no longer considered a public health risk before mass vaccinations were even introduced and had been largely eradicated, thanks to improved hygiene, sanitation and nutrition. Over 70% of polio cases today are from Gates polio vaccine.

Vaccines are the biggest cause of record childhood illnesses, not to mention they kill and injure innocent healthy people daily, yet can’t show a single person as evidence that has ever been saved by a vaccine.  Not one. Just pseudoscience propaganda. No one that believes in science could not see the fraud of this industry.

Will this politician that wants to remove your rights to participate in society unless you take an untested, unproven and unnecessary dangerous drug known as a COVID 19 vaccine which isn’t even invented yet, back his words up with his own money?

Or at least use the money the vaccine makers are paying him to spruik their products

How is it we as taxpayers are paying him yet he is working for drug companies on our dime?


And say “If you follow my advice and get vaccinated and suffer injuries as a result, you can have my house as compensation.

“Do that and we may believe he backs himself but as we know these puppets have no balls or guts to back what they are saying.

Yet I’m happy to back what I’m saying and  I put up a $1 million challenge to this dodgy industry ( Robert De Niro and Robert Kennedy – JFK’s nephew also put up $100,000 each) in 2016 and no takers so far. Surprise as the industry is full of shit and dodgy executives focused on their quarterly sales bonus so they can buy their second home in Switzerland or Aspen.

The industry is a fraud.

Only the dumbest of the dumb could still believe the vaccine industry isn’t a gigantic fraud after the Scam of the Corona virus.