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ANR Founder: Bitcoin Boom to $63K Was From Incessant Printing of Fiat Money & Leverage Allowed Ie Margin

ANR Founder: Bitcoin Boom to $63K Was From Incessant Printing of Fiat Money & Leverage Allowed Ie Margin

Telegram Post By Jamie McIntyre

ANR Founder:Bitcoin boom to $63k was from incessant printing of fiat money & leverage allowed i.e. margin
Whilst interest rates head up, then it puts an over reacting downward pressure on the price.
It’s been the world’s most successful investment, regardless of what happens. However, it’s got just as much chance of going to $250,000 as $0.
The blockchain technology is a key benefit – bitcoin was mostly a brand ambassador & a very successful one
For now, expect more downward pressure – but crypto isn’t dead & if it’s not bitcoin that outperforms again, it will be another one that overtakes it. I told my investor clients to get in when it hit $120, and many become millionaires and some made hundreds of millions.
Crypto will be a big part of our future -the question is will it be crypto for the people or a one world digital currency controlled by the criminals that control the fraudulent fiat currency. If we support fiat currency then we shouldn’t be bagging Bitcoin as one has always been devaluing and the other rarely.


ANR Founder Says That One Way To Defeat the Globalists Is To Dump Their Fiat Currency Central Bank (Rothschilds) Banking System in Favour of Community Crypto That’s Listed

ANR Founder Says That One Way To Defeat the Globalists Is To Dump Their Fiat Currency Central Bank (Rothschilds) Banking System in Favour of Community Crypto That’s Listed

By USA Tomorrow

ANR Founder says that one way to defeat the Globalists is to dump their fiat currency Central Bank (Rothschilds) Banking system in favour of Community Crypto that’s listed.

ANR Founder, who many might not know was one of the first authors on the planet to write a book about the Rise of Bitcoin, publicly told his investor clients to buy it when it reached only $120, as it would go first to $10,000 and it would reach $100,000 Aud minimum within a decade (which it pretty much did late last year – $65,000 USD -$90,000 Aud)

As result of his financial clients following his predictions including to buy real estate (he predicted the bottom of the US Property real estate accurately as well and the massive Australian property boom) his clients made an estimated $3-$4 billion collectively from his predictions.

He has used his crypto profits to fund an array of “not for profits” to help the resistance and Global Independent Media, and become a “deep state target in 2014, after he launched the Australian National Review, a newspaper to expose both Government and mainstream media corruption.

His newspaper, originally in print version in newsagents, also went after the corrupted Vaccine industry, and he authored a book with Doctors and Scientists called “The Great Vaccine Con” in 2016, www.anrnews.com freely available when readers opt in to free news opt in, where he predicted the industry would one day mandate vaccines. Because the industry wanted to drive sales from just $169 million in 1986, $5 billion in 2005, to $50 billion in 2016 to over $100 billion by 2022.

He has proven to be right again.

Is uncanny ability to predict future trends, well ahead of time, has built him a huge following in the resistance community, and his willingness to risk so much, to expose the deep state Globalist agenda.

He was heavily targeted after launching the Australian National Review and his own political party, 21st Century Australia in 2013 also.

Government agencies stole 5 land projects off him, and his investors, causing tens of millions in losses, which working with mainstream media used that as “character assassination” to frame him for losing assets they stole.

This didn’t stop him and he has gone on only to speak out even more about the Government corruption, and almost had a physical fight with Senator Sam Dastaryi in a Senate Hearing, he was invited to speak at, in a heated battle.

Not long after Dastaryi made threats against the ANR Founder, ANR ran a story highlighting Dastaryi’s illegal Chinese communist party monies he was taken to push the Chinese Government agenda in Australia despite being an elected Australian Politician.

Senator Sam Dastaryi resigned shortly thereafter.

Now he is saying we can defeat the Globalists, by moving off their fiat currency system.

Although not easy to do, he said the more we shift our money to community focused crypto projects the more we take the power back of money which belongs to the people, not to the Rothschilds Central Banking cartel the ANR Founder was busy exposing in his first best-selling book “What I Didn’t Learn At School But Wish I Had” in 1999.

He said,

I would no longer think money in a bank is safe

The Globalists are almost bankrupt

They have been printing money like drunks since the GFC in 2008.

This is when Bitcoin started, in 2009, to build a new system of money creation, that’s limited, and not in the hands of the Rothschild’s Central Banking system.

He says, by more and more of use shifting into crypto, the more they panic, as despite Governments threatening to ban crypto, they can’t.

The people can and will use it.

Bitcoin doesn’t answer to any Government and never will.

But in case it gets infiltrated, by the bankers to stop, a few early Bitcoin investors, including the ANR Founder, slowly on the side set up Bitcoin 2.0 as a hedge, and backup plan.

And quietly the project has been growing for 6 years and is listed already on mid-tier exchanges such as Azbits, and Coinsbit and plans moving to tier-one exchanges in 2023.

He says growing community cryptos like Bitcoin 2.0 now offer % returns for holders to buy and locked up their coins for 12 months as high as 22.5% pa which is attracting a different class of people to crypto – not just speculators hoping to get rich, but those who see we need to hedge our bets against the fiat currency system i.e. money in the bank, as that system is imploding right now – Governments have no way to pay back the massive debts run-up since the GFC and now because of the Covid fraud – using it as a Trojan horse to push the real agenda through being the Great Reset, to usher in a Central Bank One world Digital Currency.

He said we must not support this

Every small community should have its own cryptocurrency – run like a co op that’s tradeable on exchanges, for regional cryptos, and larger state ones – not Government controlled though, but community controlled, as after all money belongs to the people not the “Rothschilds Corrupted Dynasty “with an estimated $500 billion family worth who can and do manipulate world events via large corporations and Institutions.

This is why the ANR Founder said, ANR helps crypto projects such as the recent “Our World Coin“ Project which early donors who believe in the aims, cannot just donate to help, but can potentially profit as a result.

It’s offers including $1000 donation, turns into $5000 or $10,000 into $75,000 (it can do that as it’s listing Feb 15 th, 2022 and that is how much value in Crypto it’s donors get for their outlay to help donors potentially profit from their contribution to “Our World Coin”. Although crypto investing is risky, if donors are happy to support worthwhile projects, any potential profit is a nice bonus. But it is critical to funding the resistance, and to defeat the Globalists plans to use the vaccine digital passport as way to usher in their full control of a Central Bank Global Digital Currency they fully control

Cryptocurrency “Our World Coin” is an initiative for the people, by the people, a force for good & a peaceful revolution to achieve the funding goals of all the new organisations such as the Global Health Organisation, the Global Economic Forum and others that will be required to the support “Take back our World” Initiative. “Our World Coin” will utilise block chain technologies to ensure the honesty and transparency of the new institutions to remove “keyman” risk and to protect against corruption or hidden agendas.

Our World Coin” will be listed on selected crypto exchanges and will enable supporters to donate to these critical not for profit organisations to help fund the required organisations to, “Take Back Our Countries” and to collectively “Take Back Our World”. This enables everyone to support and benefit from building a better world, by the people for the people, a force for good.

Current Ending Offer


– $1000 USD turns into $5000 OWC (Our World Coin)

– $2,500 USD turns into $15,000 OWC (Our World Coin)

– $5000 USD turns into $30,000 OWC (Our World Coin)

– $10,000 USD turns into $75,000 OWC (Our World Coin)

He said it’s a good example of a community coin and that it will be listed by Feb 15, 2022 it shows we can create our own money and not continue to use the current system for ever.

When asked where people should hold their money he said he can’t give such advice.

But don’t leave too much in the bank

Put it where they don’t want you to

They want you to not be able to use cash

So get cash out

They want to ban cryptos

So buy good cryptos and hold

If you can lock up Crypto and get 15-22.5% pa then do it.

Buy property in regional areas with ideally land to grow food.

And ideally have little to no debt on property.