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ANR Founder Warns Farmers in Australia and Globally That the Globalists Led by Bill Gates, Want to Destroy Beef Production

ANR Founder Warns Farmers in Australia and Globally That the Globalists Led by Bill Gates, Want to Destroy Beef Production

Telegram Post By Jamie McIntyre

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ANR Founder warns farmers in Australia and Globally that the Globalists led by Bill Gates, want to destroy beef production. This includes Australia, as they think cows release too much methane,& wish to sabotage the Global food supply to usher in the Great Reset & New World order. This includes having you “ own nothing and be happy “, while eating insects, bugs, and fake meat that is grown in a lab.
Farmers can be the key Globally, to help lead a global revolution.
No farmers no food.
They’ll overhype diseases in cattle like “foot and mouth disease”, under a pretense to slaughter farmers’ herds to send them broke, and disrupt food supplies.
Prepare to stop the Climate Change zealots who are causing energy, food shortages, and massive price hikes.
Renewable energy is also a foolish fantasy.
The Globalists, if not stopped will destroy Western Society, in order for the Oligarchs to remain in control.


Dutch Dairy Farmer Faces Having to Cull 95 Percent of His Cows

In the Netherlands, dairy farmer Martin Neppelenbroek is near the end of the line.

New environmental regulations will require him to slash his livestock numbers by 95 percent. He thinks he will have to sell his family farm.

“I can’t run a farm on 5 percent. For me, it’s over and done with,” he said in a July 7 interview with The Epoch Times.

“In view of the regulations, I can’t sell it to anybody. Nobody wants to buy it. [But] the government wants to buy it. And that’s why they [have] those regulations, I think.”

Epoch Times Photo
A cow at Martin Neppelenbroek’s farm in Lemelerveld, The Netherlands, on July 7, 2022.

Neppelenbroek made the remarks while speaking with Roman Balmakov, host of “Facts Matter” on EpochTV, during Balmakov’s recent trip to the Netherlands.

Neppelenbroek pointed out that not all farmers are required to get rid of so many of their cattle.

People living further from areas protected under Natura 2000, a European Union (EU) agreement for species and habitat preservation, can own more cattle.

That’s because the Dutch government’s regulations on nitrogen oxides and ammonia emissions are tied to sites’ proximity to those protected areas.

Epoch Times Photo
Dutch dairy farmer Martin Neppelenbroek at his farm in Lemelerveld, The Netherlands, on July 7, 2022.

Farmers, truckers, and others across the Netherlands have led nationwide protests against that vision, partly spurred by a June 10 national and area-specific plan for curtailing nitrogen greenhouse gas emissions.

There’s a sword of Damocles hanging over them: the possibility of compulsory seizure of property by the government.

NOS Nieuws reported that Christianne van der Wal, the country’s minister of nature and nitrogen policy, has not ruled out expropriating land from uncooperative farmers.

According to a report from the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Foreign Agriculture Service, the Dutch government has said its approach means “there is not a future for all [Dutch] farmers.”

For now, Neppelenbroek’s 170-acre-plus property is home to roughly 130 milking cows. It’s been in his family for half a century.

“I’m the second generation,” he said, adding that many farms in the Netherlands have been in families for much longer.

The Netherlands punches well above its weight in agriculture. The small, coastal country is one of the world’s top 10 food exporters.

“When you have not a lot of space, you have to use it as effectively as possible,” Neppelenbroek said.

“It’s a delta, and the climate is not too hot, not too cold. It’s an ideal place to grow.”

Cows, Neppelenbroek acknowledged, produce lots of ammonia through their bodily waste.

Epoch Times Photo
Dutch dairy farmer Martin Neppelenbroek and Epoch Times host Roman Balmakov at Neppelenbroek’s farm in Lemelerveld, The Netherlands, on July 7, 2022. 

Yet, “you can’t blame just one small group in your country for polluting the environment,” he said, adding that farmers feel they’re being overburdened.

Closing Dutch farms will just necessitate food imports from elsewhere, he argued.

He noted that cow manure can benefit soil health—certainly more so than the synthetic fertilizers that would need to replace it.

Cows can also be fed leftovers that people won’t eat: “They can get rid of a lot of stuff we can’t use as humans and put it into high-quality food,” he said.

Like many others in the Netherlands, he suspects the government wants to use the land that it takes to build housing.