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ANR Founder Responds To Misunderstandings Over The Ukraine Russian Dispute

ANR Founder Responds To Misunderstandings Over The Ukraine Russian Dispute

By Australian Morning Herald

I hear what you are saying, and I know most Ukrainians do not support the neo-Nazi’s, and many western Ukrainians don’t like Russians.

But it stands that there are neo-Nazi’s in Ukraine, armed by the West and have been killing Eastern Ukrainians
As it stands, the US State Department did do a coup in 2014 in Ukraine.

Eastern Ukraine deserve their autonomy and right to protection, which was to occur under the Minsk agreement, but the West once again didn’t honour it.
Russia has no interest in Western Ukraine or occupying lands that people are hostile to Russia
It has an interest in protecting its borders, de nazifying Ukraine and de militarising it and protecting Eastern Ukrainians in need of protection.

People should be free to speak whatever language they choose.
Is Putin demanding Eastern Ukrainians only speak Russian and anyone loyal to Kiev is locked up or killed ?

Clearly not, but can the same be said of Zelensky?

And it stands Australia is sending military aid, like the West and NATO are and arming Nazis and Ukrainian Nationalists. And innocent Ukrainians are being killed and have been for 8 years by the Ukrainian Regime, not by Russia.

Russia doesn’t want war. But appeasement for 8 years has failed.
But the West and NATO do want war and will not care if they have every Ukrainian killed in an unwinnable and unnecessary war.

I do get it and that’s why Russia tried to have Eastern Ukraine remain a part of Ukraine but given some autonomy and protection and not the genocide of Eastern Ukrainians by neo-Nazis.

That’s what the Minsk agreements were for but no Kiev wouldn’t leave that be but planned a full on invasion of Donbass in March forcing Russia to step in and offer protection to Donbass and Donetsk regions which wish to be protected by Russia

Russia has said any land from the operation to de militarise Ukrainian security threats to Russia it will be up to the people to decide if they wish to be independent states or remain in Ukraine

That’s something called democracy

Actually voting

But on the west won’t allow that and continue to push Nato against Russian borders to pose a real security threat unlike the imagined security threat NATO uses to scare and blackmail Eastern Europe

The land in Eastern Ukraine and resources will rightfully remain the resources of the Independent regions of Donetsk and Donbass.

And provide a needed buffer area between Russia and NATO pushing Ukraine.

Ukraine by being misled by the West and NATO and fighting an unnecessary war and not wanting peace risks its entire country for what.
To allow Neo Nazis to run wild, genociding Eastern Ukrainians ?

Kiev has had the chance for 8 years to allow Eastern Ukraine to be in peace and remain a part of Ukraine. Russia worked for 8 years with the Minsk Agreements to achieve this to no avail. Appeasing the neo-Nazis and Kiev warmongers failed.
But as the west controls the Kiev puppet regime, that was never going to be allowed as evidenced by ex Ukrainian President Poroshenka, who admitted recently they simply used the 8 years since 2014 to simply buy time to build up an army to take over the entire Donetsk and Donbass and push against Russian borders. They never intended to be honest and honour the Minsk Agreements to avoid war.

So it’s these actions is why Eastern Ukraine will no longer be a part of Ukraine, but they’ll now break away and be an independent protectorate of Russia like Crimea

And Russian doesn’t want Western Ukraine. That’s simply western propaganda.

They have no interest in occupying land that is hostile to Russia, no slaughtering of innocents has been occurring like in Eastern Ukraine, and a buffer exists. As, the special operation isn’t about a land grab or security threat by Russia to Western Ukraine or Eastern Europe. It’s about what Putin transparently stated, not the Western propaganda that’s brainwashed half the world and half of Ukrainians, who will likely lose their nation if they don’t wake up.
Western Ukraine Poland is waiting to take as part of a deal the West will likely offer it or already has, according to some sources.