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ANR Founder Says Australia Should Dump the Western Oligarchy, Run by Suspect Left Wing Billionaire Elites, and Join the BRIC Nations, Who Are Actually More Democratic Than the Collapsing West

ANR Founder Says Australia Should Dump the Western Oligarchy, Run by Suspect Left Wing Billionaire Elites, and Join the BRIC Nations, Who Are Actually More Democratic Than the Collapsing West

By London National Review

ANR Founder says Australia should dump the Western Oligarchy, run by suspect Left Wing billionaire elites, and join the BRIC nations, who are actually more democratic than the collapsing West.

He went on to say, “Australia needs to end its reliance on a collapsing ageing empire that is the “Empire of lies”, being the US.

He said he isn’t anti American, but anti Globalists, who have illegally installed a puppet to take over the US, and the so called “free world” in an imbecile in Joe Biden.

It’s clear the West is, and always has been an oligarchy. It’s now just become so blindingly obvious.

Australia claims to be a “democratic country”, yet it drags pregnant mums out of their house at night, for posting on Facebook, have police bash 19 year old girls on the street, for  not wearing a mask despite having an exemption, shoot  at innocent protesters and have police dressed up like Stormtroopers, with machine guns to intimidate peaceful  Victorians.

Even Australia’s last election was rigged. The new Prime Minister, had 7 out of 10 Australians reject his party, a swing against them, yet get to run the country.

The Empire of lies is coming to an end.

It’s corrupt, it’s communistic and the Oligarchs including the Rockefeller’s and Rothschilds who control over 1 trillion in networth manipulate the West from behind the scenes along with their front men in Gates, Soros and other ageing cronies.

They use  their spruiker media outlets in Mainstream Media to say “ it’s just a conspiracy theory “, but that doesn’t cut it anymore, as conspiracy theories have quickly turned into facts in the last 2.5 years.

Are they saying Joe Biden is the real leader of the West?  And he is a reflection of us? Someone so retarded, he can’t even ride a bicycle, or string two sentences together.

That’s a big conspiracy theory to say he is the real leader of a not so free world. Just as the conspiracy theory that Covid 19, a rebrand of the magically disappearing flu for the last few years, was a deadly pandemic that required masks, lockdowns, and deadly profitable phase 3 medical drugs pushed upon the naive and too trusting public.

It’s obvious he is a puppet who was elected fraudulently.

We can deny that all we want in the west, and go down with the sinking, stinking ship, or decide to join the BRIC nations, who are the new emerging power in what will become a multi polar world.

Globalisation is dead and I predict many of these Globalists elite billionaires will soon be to,if they keep pushing their brand of Global Communism in the “ Great Reset “, pushed by cult leader Klaus Schwab, a Nazi whose mother was a Rothschilds. The world will not tolerate such a sadistic cult run by wealthy psychopaths.

Go figure?

The writing is on the wall.

That is why I helped start up Take Back Australia, and even suggested the top half of Australia break away and become a independent democratic state, and leave the closet communist’s running Australia out in the cold.

Efforts like what the BRIC nations are doing to create a new reserve currency are good for the world and Australia should stop being a Globalists lap dog and join the BRIC Nations .

That is if we’d ever be accepted considering our appalling human rights record and weak leadership.

Russia names conditions for BRICS global reserve currency

More transactions in national currencies of member states are needed first, according to Moscow

A new international reserve currency based on the BRICS currency basket requires more transactions to be made in national currencies, Russia’s Ministry of Economic Development suggested on Monday.

The reliance on the US dollar and euro also has to be reduced, business outlet RBC quoted a ministry official.

To launch a new reserve currency, it is necessary to build a joint financial architecture, “increase the share of settlements in national currencies, reach a certain level of de-dollarization, something that is happening already in the BRICS countries,” Nikita Kondratyev, of the Department of Multilateral Economic Cooperation and Special Projects of the Ministry of Economic Development, told RBC.

READ MORE: By taking on American hegemony and challenging the dollar, BRICS members represent the best hope for a fairer world order (https://www.rt.com/russia/557752-brics-reserve-currency-west-hegemony/)

At a BRICS summit earlier this month, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the bloc, consisting of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa, is currently working on setting up a new global reserve currency that would be based on the currency basket of the five nations. Earlier, the bloc said it was working on establishing a joint payment network to abate the reliance on the Western financial system.

Take back Australia”, a not for profit initiative, for Australians by Australians, a force for good. Designed to bring our outdated and corrupted political system into the 21st Century, to restore our battered democracy, and national sovereignty, to our country.