Jamie McIntyre

ANR Founder Discusses How Trump Could Become Speaker of the House and Then Become President Again Before 2024

ANR Founder Discusses How Trump Could Become Speaker of the House and Then Become President Again Before 2024

Truthbook Post By Jamie McIntyre


ANR Founder discuss’s how Trump could become Speaker of the house and then become President again before 2024. Also how wanting perfect leaders is why we have sub par leaders we don’t want – and how we can take our country back – win Each State and change them to break away nations one by one, to we rid the Australia of the Globalists. WA has threatened for years to sucede . Or failing that to break away regions within Australian to become new states we control or new nations like North Queensland has often threatened to become its own state . Where is the help for the stranded Australians in Lismore etc – are the unvaccinated not being rescued to last ? Unvaccinated banned from helping a almost non existent SES . Www.anrnews.com

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Gee Gee Wain
The weather that is happening is all an intentional act, all deliberate because it is all geo engineered, Australia is being chem bombed and has been ongoing for many years. Areas around Adelaide wine region, Bargo, Theresa Park, Newcastle. Sydney, Wagga Wagga are also going to be inundated.

Gee Gee Wain
Taking our country back starts with small steps and state by state is a plan. Implementing it requires good honest leadership. With so many current politicians sitting in the hip pockets of each other with their own ideals, agendas, playing out the puppet role because their strings are tightly pulled means the plans you spoke of Jamie are NOT with these people. It will take genuine, strong people who can see through bull****, those who are not out to seek fame, glory, financial gain and cannot be manipulated or swayed regardless, it’s resilient people with a vision to get in there and do the work and achieve the result, certainly not an easy role and if they fail at anytime, then there are no second chances, it’s instant removal and consequences applied, they MUST be accountable.

SA has an election next weekend.

North Queensland Freedom lodged a file at the Townsville Police Station serving aus politicians with Crimes against Humanity.