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ANR Founder, Jamie McIntyre Says, Why Issuing Our Own Money Is How We Can Win This War?

ANR Founder, Jamie McIntyre Says, Why Issuing Our Own Money Is How We Can Win This War?

Truthbook Post By Jamie McIntyre

ANR Founder, Jamie McIntyre says, Why issuing our own money is how we can win this war ? And the Globalists are going bankrupt and now is the time to use and hold crypto more and cash and don’t trust the banks as they plan “bank bail ins to usher in the Great Reset and their own “One World Central Bank Digital currency they would control and be able to enslave mankind .

This is why we supported the “Resistance Coin where $1000 turns into $5000 USD in “Our World Coin“ and why this is so important for the resistance and defeating the “Globalists Great Reset Totalitarian Agenda and their vaccine digital passports to force us to use their planned new one world Digital Central Bank currency system or be turned off from society as we know it. “The Australian National Review, would like to thank its major sponsor for the last 6 months “ Take Back our World – and Our World Coin” teams.

It’s been a pleasure working with the team, and all that they are doing, and I’m proud,many of our readers have donated and helped the causes. It’s also great to see our donors stand to now profit from their contribution, which is a unique and powerful way to help fund the institutions needed to “Take Back our World“.

If you haven’t donated yet and can afford $1000 or more pls do ($250 USD is minimum donation, up to $100,000 per person)
The current offer ends forever – final in a matter of days, as they then prepare to be listed and trading – set Feb 15 th, 2022 (confirmed) on Coinsbit and Adbitz via its merged entity.

$1000 turns into $5000 (literally by Feb 15th, but one can’t start cashing in their Our World Coin they get, for cash, for 90 days hold period – or lock up coins for 12 months and they pay 15% pa in crypto)

Please give what you can afford because you support the initiatives, and if donors can also potentially profit then that’s a bonus – however if the Resistance fails to fund itself, then the Globalists will win.

As “Our World Coin“ also rewards those that donate with 15% pa default lock up options for 12 months (otherwise 90 days after Feb 15th list date users can sell some coin on Exchanges for cash) many would donate $10,000 and get $100,000 in OWC coin that pays 15% pa in crypto or $15,0000 for the year on only a $10,000 USD donation. Or $25,000 turns into $250,000 paying 15% pa in crypto being $37,500 for the year.

As crypto is risky (as, Is keeping money in the bank now), Donors if happy to donate to support such projects , any potential profit is a bonus. www.ourworldcoin.org. Only a few days left before one can no longer benefit so generously. Thank you to our ANR donors who supported this cause with Take Back Our World and OWC.


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Chris Bowey
Jamie i have bought some already .last year and are waiting for the system / app that gives me a wallet ? …when is this going to happen ? Also it seems you where saying kind instead of coin …maybe just a early morning speach impediment …anyway love your work keep it up as you definetly gave me courage in the early days of the ****demic to push back from having the jabawocky ..

I’m waiting on the wallet also please. Sounding much better Jamie

Good day fellow resisters,
As I see it the corona bacteria gets the majority of its promotion from the main stream media. If we stopped buying and/or subscribing to the main stream newspapers, stopped watching the commercial television stations and the ABC, stopped listening to the inane commercial radio with its endless stream of opinionated shock jocks with their mumble back talk programmes and the ABC, advertisers would quickly learn from the results of polling that nobody was buying, watching or listening and their funds would cease as they won’t waste money broadcasting to empty space. We need a movement to ask everybody to stop feeding that which is killing us. Dare we send them broke? I can only hope and pray.

Kathy Austin
Where can we get involved with this? Is there a link?