Jamie McIntyre

ANR Founder Poses a Simple Question?

ANR Founder Poses a Simple Question?

Facebook Post By Jamie McIntyre

If someone is trying to bluff you, to get you to do something you don’t need, nor want, and has a side effect of death?

Should you be a weak minded loser, and become a desperate drug junkie, and then post about it to fake book friends, and Instasham followers, and give in, or should you grow a spine, and say no to little pricks, trying to get little pricks into you?

Think hard and long as humanities survival is at stake.

Be a loser or a winner?

See if you can pass the IQ test that many with more degrees then brains, are failing.

Come on – you can think, even if just for a brief moment and be rational.
Let go of the mass hypnosis and mass pyschosis and become human again and just think.

Australian National Review

News for those who have figured out Bs 19 is mmm Bs.



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Nicole Read
Bit personal But duck it, born 80’s my dear mum was mentally ill. ?? But I watched the system fuck her up. It’s so evil. The physch Industry and big pharma and I see clearly what is happening. So me speaking up I get thrown in the same bucket. But I will not stop.

Nicole Read
No I’m a high school drop out, ditched school half the time. I skipped the system lol. ppl just comply and call me crazy.

Jo Simpson
After the earthquake in Vic Thompson dam (Melbourne’s water source) was closed off to ‘assess damage’

Bpf Harris
Fk the Great Reset lets have the Great Resistance.

Bpf Harris
Who is behind this? Gavi vai CEP Bill Gates and the G 7 elite they must be iradicated at all costs.