Jamie McIntyre

The ANR Founder Highlights the Greater Reset To Defeat the Globalists Great Reset Totalitarian Agenda

The ANR Founder Highlights the Greater Reset To Defeat the Globalists Great Reset Totalitarian Agenda

Facebook Post By Jamie McIntyre

Good news

We are starting all new industry bodies for every profession and will be issuing certifications and licenses for each profession.

The current Governments are illegitimate and have no legal power in courts.

We no longer support them,nor should you.

Those who don’t want to take the deadly jab to keep their job, can then shift to the new bodies.

A National New Education is being built as well, and a National New Health System along with a National Employee Associate to take over from where Unions have failed the workers of the country

Even the Police and Military can choose and soon join new organisations to better represent them.

It’s my country, your country,our country and we can take it back from the Great Reset Totalitarian Agenda the Globalists are trying to enforce .

You take it back by simply saying

No to masks

No to deadly experimental drugs

No to tryanny

We are building a new and better parallel society and country – one where you won’t be threatened to become a drug junkie to be accepted into the New World Order they are trying to impose

The Australian National Review

We support the Great Awakening and what we call the Greater Reset to provide an alternative to the Globalists

Great Reset Totalitarian Agenda

Here’s what others had to say:

Helen Jones
Great work ,all people stand up and fight for our country and freedom.

Peter Alexander
How beautiful it will be to not be under the wasteful totalitarian governments we have become used to. More power to you guys. Count me in

Trudell Clark
Great Australia again , Thank you

Rob Read
Sounds a great idea.

Steve Bristow
If we dont band together they will pick us off one at a time like they have done every time in history

Deborah Jayne
I’m informing everyone on posts where I can

Jeremy Aufderheide
Fucking brilliant

Creagh G Bell
Love your work bro

John Harris
We also need a National Name and Shame campaign or website of businesses who refuse to let unvaxed people in their shops.