Jamie McIntyre

ANR Founder Challenges Australians To Choose Their Side and Take a Stand

ANR Founder Challenges Australians To Choose Their Side and Take a Stand

Facebook Post By Jamie McIntyre

If someone tells you to take the jab
Tell them Jamie said to go f .. your self.

Learn to say no to little pricks trying to get little pricks into you.

Take a jab and you are selling out your country.

And we Australians are not going to tolerate anymore bs about a dodgy flu,that can’t kill our 95 year old grandmother, unless they are murdered in a aged care home, with end of life drugs ,and ventilators ,and falsely listed as Covid so they can collect the big bucks offered to do exactly that.

Enough is enough.

We see the scam of Covid m.

Any business that bans the unvaccinated.

We will destroy you and enjoy doing it.

Any Doctor not speaking about the Covid fraud.

You to will be sued .

And Politicians .

You guys are going to jail.

This is my country , your country , our country and we are no longer are going to tolerate dodgy Globalists, and their local sellout minions, dictating to us

Let me say is more clearly
F .. off

As we are coming for the Globalists

Choose who you support
Dodgy billionaire kiddie fiddlers

Or real Australians who have had enough of the Covid bullshit

Australian National Review

The fastest growing news media in Australia

Making mainstream media fringe nut case media that is

It’s time to rise and do the right thing

Stand up for your country

Not bend over and take it.

Here’s what others had to say:

Jess Baker
It’s so true Stephen Baker Oam so sad

David Dyer
Absolutely percent especially when it comes to the brutality of the police from here and overseas totally disgusting and uncalled-for

Julianne Kerry
Hi Jamie McIntyre Just FYI the image of the man with bloodied face is an actor.
Thank you for caring

Kevin Weston
Great work by the tradies. They need to march on the governor Generals residence in every state and in ACT for Federal G.G. that’s the only hope as they all have the power to sack the govts. That’s what is needed. Starting with Vic and the rest would shit themselves. It’s not been done yet. Only way. The tradies ..I.e. all trades, need to form a cooperative and sack all their Unions. They are working against them. Then black ban ANY work on any trade service for govt..key infrastructure and politicians and cops. They will need the tradies..let’s say the electricity goes out in parliament house.. well stuff them. No one will fix that. Etc etc. Way to go. Ban tradies work also on any business that wants to demand QR codes vax b.s. etc. They will shit themselves.

John Harris
That Chris Smith on Sky News Australia is calling everyone who doesn’t want the thing antivaxxers and we deserve to be locked out of shops etc

John Harris
On Paul Murrays show they just said that employers who serve unvaccinated people will face a $5000 fine per person, then they asked Brad Health Hazzard will businesses have to hire more people to ‘check papers’ he didn’t know.