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ANR Founder Calls Out Fake News on Sky News

ANR Founder Calls Out Fake News on Sky News

Facebook Post By Jamie McIntyre

ANR Founder calls out fake news on Sky News

Stop the bullshit Sky News ,you are destroying what’s left of your brand . Tell Murdoch ,Australians want a little chat to him about being a Globalist sell out,

Plus the new independent media in town is going to teach him a lesson for selling us out . His mum would not be proud.

Traitor to Australia

And we don’t like traitors.

Australian National Review

If it wasn’t for censoring we would actually now be the mainstream media,and the mainstream media would be the fringe nut case media it is.

Help us destroy the enemy, that mainstream media is,and replace it with “not for profit,independent media”.

We are the fastest growing newsite in Australia and people are deserting mainstream media in droves because of their lies about Covid

We need more on the ground reporters across Australia and Globally – contact us.

Here’s what others had to say:

Michaela ArchAngel
They can’t stop .. Pfizer pays their wages

Mezi Moo
yeh like a protester went to get tested. pull the other one msm. amazing so many protests yet no massive spread of the flu rebranded. sound legit

Gavin Davis
Happy to help and support the destruction of the MSM

John Harris
probably someone who wasn’t even there, listening to talkback radio, 3AW a bloke called in who was there, after abusing him for the protests they asked him why he isn’t vaxxed, he said he is healthy, rides several kms a day etc and he was met with abuse and “Look, why don’t you just get the jab? It’s people like yourself who haven’t had it is the reason for the lockdowns’ all they do is push it onto people, there is no ‘agree to disagree and move on’ I wouldn’t even bother telling any media why you don’t want it all you get is abuse, there are a lot of people out there both in the main stream media and public who want this to be mandatory and for unvaxxed to be locked out of every shop etc, if you are that scared of catching the Communist Chinese virus and you are fully vaccinated then you mustn’t have much faith in the thing working.