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ANR Founder Calls Out Dodgy Mainstream Media Again for Lying About Cov

ANR Founder Calls Out Dodgy Mainstream Media Again for Lying About Cov

Facebook Post By Jamie McIntyre

ANR Founder calls out dodgy mainstream media again for lying about Covid

What test kit was used to detect she had BS19

My god stop taking Aussies for fools.

Covid can’t kill your 90 year old grandmother, unless she is in an aged care home and starved , dehydrated, pesky relatives banned from seeing her , put on end of life drugs and ventilators designed to kill patients , and the financially incentivised aged care home will classify her as dying as Covid . But even then your granny has more then 50% survival rate against the big bad bs Covid .

$1 million challenge the Covid vaccines are killing and will kill 100-1000 times then Covid will.

The vaccine is the bio weapon and Sky News please disclose how much your paid to spruik these dodgy experimental drugs by disguising advertorials as news.


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Deborah Jayne
I put out a post who knows anyone whose died from Covid? Few said yes so I replied that’s very sad indeed but you should take up this guys offer of 1mill if you have proof they did in fact die of Covid. This will help the concerned family out with costs! I know I would follow up. Contact me so I can put you in touch with him!
Ziltch, Zippo, Zero replies.
Losing friends by the minute but hey…I’ll never see them again so nothing lost.

Cindy Dawson
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