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Dodgy Pro Experimental Drug Pusher, on Innocent Teenage Girls, Former Miss Universe Australia, Olivia Rogers, Takes a Swipe at ANR Founder

Dodgy Pro Experimental Drug Pusher, on Innocent Teenage Girls, Former Miss Universe Australia, Olivia Rogers, Takes a Swipe at ANR Founder

Instagram Post By Jamie McIntyre

Dodgy Pro Experimental drug pusher, on innocent teenage girls, Former Miss Universe Australia, Olivia Rogers, takes a swipe at ANR Founder.
Using the typical “anti vaxxer rhetoric”, brainwashed into them by their hapless Pr agencies, making a quick buck on taking money to spruik deadly experimental drugs, disguised as a vazzine. She said she reported the ANR Founder to Instagram, which isn’t that terrifying, however if she doesn’t remove her post, and apologise to her followers, then she’ll be dealing with class actions from parents, for any teenager she influences to take the deadly jab. Not to mention any other influencer that pushes such deadly drugs on kids, will also be facing class actions, from our ever growing legal slush funds, to teach them a valuable lesson. Spruik fake tans, and face cremes all day long, but stay away from pushing drugs on kids, and well get along fine. And to people out there commenting. Please remember it’s the issue we have, not the person. I’m sure Olivia is a nice person and means well. She just needs to check, and not post any dodgy products, her Pr agent wants, for a quick buck. Stay away from pushing dodgy experimental drugs, and my lawyers, and followers will leave her alone.
This is about saving lives of innocent kids, and sadly even Olivia no doubts wants kids one day, but is blissfully unaware that the chances are remote if you take the jab. Olivia – do the right thing and simply say to your teenage followers, I was paid to spruik it to you, and in hindsight I shouldn’t have. These drugs are rushed to market, unproven, unnecessary, ineffective, dangerous and deadly, and there is no short term safety studies, or medium, or long term, and the lie that adverse reactions are rare is based on junk science. We simply don’t know how many more tens of millions will be injured, or hundreds of millions, as we are only 3-6 months into mass injecting- how many will suffer in 3,6,12,24,36 months ?. So do not follow me and do not take the shot she should say. Or I’ll give her air time on my show, and we can have an adult conversation about this topic and I’m more then reasonable.

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Amazing. Way to go. Demanding Accountability.

TGA reports 518 dead after the vax since Jan 1st 2021. Compare that to 253 dead from c19 for the same period. This young influencer needs to do her homework before she starts spruiking something she knows little to nothing about, something which can lead to harm and death.

How to broadcast ignorance: “anti-vaxxer”

can’t handle the heat sweetie.

She’s definitely spending her big pharma paycheck on a boob job looking at those tiny mozzie bites.

I will protect my children from this evil Bi!ch.