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ANR Founder Calls Out Instasham and Fakebook Influencers As They Prepare Class Actions Against Them

ANR Founder Calls Out Instasham and Fakebook Influencers As They Prepare Class Actions Against Them

By Staff Reporter

Let me give any beauty Queen’s, or any influencers,that have posted they have taken a death shot ,and or intend to,and are influencing others to do the same.

Vazzine extremism ( yes it’s wrongly spelt for a reason ) is deadly . If you have made it 20 moths into the plandemic of Covid and still think it’s real pandemic despite it being de bunked so easily , and not the largest fraud in human history – then it means you are clearly watching to much of the idiot box,and idiot box presenters, and idiot Health Ministers ,and the conspiracy theory channels like CNN, BBC, ABC , Channel 7,9,10 in Australia etc and are in the dumbest of the dumb category in society .

Besides that , at Independent Media ( that’s the media not taking millions to help kill billions with dodgy experimental drugs,are funding class actions against vaccine extremists, that’s you guys, and any influencer so reckless to encourage teenage girls, or anyone to partake in a rushed to market, unproven, unnecessary, ineffective, dangerous and deadly experimental drug disguised as a vazzine.

It’s one of the most selfish irresponsible things one can do. Stick to spruiking fake tans and leave dodgy drug spruiking alone, and disclose did you receive payment to push these deadly drugs?

All Australian influencers, including any Miss former Universe’s in Australia, are hereby put on notice that you have 7 days to denounce the Global Medical Experiment ,and apologise to your followers .

Or you will be held to account in class actions , exposed via independent media networks and placed under investigation .

And don’t waste your time stating baseless junk science propaganda, pushed by the most fraudulent deadly industry on the planet . Maybe speak to your publicist just how bad it’s going to become for your career both financially, by being sued for untold damages, not to mention what’s going to happen to your health ,if you make it through the 6 shots per year they have planned for you pin cushions .

I’m sure you are all well intentioned . But regardless – you are spruiking experimental drugs that are killing thousands per day and injuring for life tens of thousands and there is already young girls that will go against their parents permission as young as 12 and take a deadly jab to protect against something that isn’t a threat to them. Be a good human. Not a ignorant pawn used by a dodgy fraudulent industry that doesn’t give a f.. about you or your followers

Feel free to click on their pages and let them know stories of people who wishe they’d didn’t listen to so called influencers like them who have no idea what they are posting about but deadly and dangerous nevertheless


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