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ANR Founder Calls Out Former Miss Universe for Pushing Deadly Experimental Drugs on Teenage Girls

ANR Founder Calls Out Former Miss Universe for Pushing Deadly Experimental Drugs on Teenage Girls

Facebook Post By Jamie McIntyre

Want to save lives ?

Make a difference in your community

Then start calling out vaccine extremists such as many of the former Miss Universe’s, etc who now think it’s cool, to become dodgy spruikers pushing experimental,rushed to market, unnecessary, ineffective, unproven, untested,insane and ludicrous dangerous, and deadly ,experimental drugs disguised as a vazzine,upon innocents, and the vulnerable and teenagers .

I understand, many like the young women below ,might not realise what they are doing, and are blissfully ignorant, but they are going to influence, sadly many young women to take a deadly jab, that many will die, or be injured for life from.

It doesn’t stop at one jab – it will be 4-6 a year.

You are 1300% more likely to die, if you take a jab, the latest studies have shown.

A 250% increase in viral loads, if you take a jab,as well. Zero benifit but 1300% negative benefit.

Don’t let strangers push drugs upon you.

Speak up, and call this madness out, and vazzine extremists out, for what they are .


Here’s what others had to say:

John Harris
First it was just one injection, then it became 2, 2 weeks apart, now they are talking about booster shots every 8 to 12 Months and now it’s children, who we all know if they were to catch this thing probably wouldn’t even know they had it, so if for example you have you 2 shots and survive the next 12 months, go to board a plane, go over seas and on arrival home and you then ‘show your papers’ and they say, “Your booster shot was due last week you will have to go into hotel quarantine for the next 2 weeks at your own expense” then what? This will cause so many fights, people demanding to be let into pubs, restaurants and Police will be called out every night of the week arresting people and what happens if a pub decides to let ‘the unclean in’ will they lose their liquor license? The amount of shit that’s going to go on in the coming years is frightening.

Rob Smrdel
Lifes going to go steller for the vaccinated

Tom Taylor
The great weight of the evidence before us to effect that certain types of medical experiments on human beings, when kept within reasonably well-defined bounds, conform to the ethics of the medical profession generally.