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ANR Founder Endorses a New Potential Political System To Replace Our Current Broken One

ANR Founder Endorses a New Potential Political System To Replace Our Current Broken One

By Gold Coast Review

At Quantum Management Systems we are building a new system to serve the people and to help manage the country without the need for a government, political leaders, politics or politicians.

We are everyday Australians from all walks of life with a passion to restore genuine democratic values and options in a people lead, transparent, decorporatised, decentralised, heart based, policy driven, peaceful and unified society.

We believe in taking action with urgency to remove the tyranny, corruption and mismanagement of and by our government which has been perpetrated on our society.

We aspire for all Australians to have a voice and to be able to make decisions with real educated options and understanding.

What can the QMS do for you?

  • Do you want to change things about your country or the world?

  • Do you trust the government?

  • Do you really believe the government actually cares what you want or have to say?

  • Have you ever wondered why they seem to live above the law and are never sacked, convicted or punished for what they so often are reported to illegally or immorally have done?

  • Do you think they spend your tax money wisely?

The Quantum Management System can give us a very real chance to build our world just the way we want it to be.

We all wish for an honest, caring, supportive, connected, loving, educated, intelligent, prosperous and genuine society. Using the QMS, policies can be created by the people for the people and of the people to make this real.

The QMS is a true direct democracy system that allows for all aspects of government and management of a country, it does not take anything away from the people, it actually gives everyone in the country a voice. Councils will still be required, albeit restructured versions of council decided by the people in the shire area of that council, the public services will still operate, although now they will be fully accountable to the people of the country.

The QMS takes people, money and power, (the three major reasons for corruption in government), out of the political arena and therefore allows the people to directly manage their country using the QMS to decide policy, law and boundaries for society based on what the masses actually need and require.

To bring the QMS to life we only require about 8,500,000 of voting age to join the system as members in Australia. There are currently 14.3 million voters and 8.5 million is about 60%, this would mean that the QMS could be claimed as the management system of preference for running the country. Over 80% of all voters admit that they don’t trust the government, yet they have until now not had another option to go with.

The QMS is fully legal and constitutional and would cost a mere fraction of the cost of managing our country under the current system.

  • There can be no more back room deals, no more fat wages or pensions for doing nothing but getting rich off the peoples sweat, blood and tears.

  • No more interparty deals done to shut down positive policy for the people or to enrich some individuals who are selling something deadly or useless to the people under the guise of trying to help them.

  • We no longer require elected officials to state our claims, we can now do this directly and simply through a brand-new policy management system, the QMS is a system that is truly of the people, for the people and by the people.

  • The people will replace the parliament, senate upper and lower house positions and we will no longer require politicians, ministers or other highly paid government officials.

  • We will still have a police force, ambulance and hospital service, judiciary and legal system, social security, education system, land management and international diplomatic services.

  • Using the QMS we can build a new completely free health care system, a new completely free education system, we can empower our businesses and create new clean industries to build a better life and better health services for the people of our country.

  • We can redesign the current failing systems that have been poorly build by corrupt corporations under the guise of government.

The QMS offers us a unique yet very real opportunity to rebuild our country and economy into something completely new and vibrant.

  • Imagine a living wage generated by the assets of our country, no more debt yet no loss of ownership or status, no more economic crashes or recessions.

  • Imagine all people of a country united and of equal status and opportunity, no more need, no more homeless, no more hunger, no more crime.

  • Imagine not having to wait or needing to pay for urgent surgery or health services.

  • Free Medication and Health Care.

  • Free Education.

  • Proper care for the elderly and infirm.

These things may sound like a fairy tale, yet they are serious possibilities if we adopt the QMS and redesign our society to create the best version of our country through being the best versions of ourselves.

If you can see the true nature of our concept and feel aligned, please join us as a member.

We are not looking for funding, we only seek your engagement and support.