Jamie McIntyre

ANR Founder Challenges Billionaire Andrew Forrester

ANR Founder Challenges Billionaire Andrew Forrester

By Jamie McIntyre

Dear Twiggy Forrester
Please explain the science behind rushing out a Global Medical Experiment, that’s unnecessary, ineffective, unproven, untested, dangerous and deadly, insane and ludicrous, that’s disguised as a vaccine for the flu, that according to independent Doctors and Scientists, “ if you’re not scared of the common flu, then you should have no fear of Covid “ page 10 of the Global Health Organisation report.

When there are other effective treatments (banned by Pfizer our new supreme world leaders) without the risk, these so-called vaccines, are causing.
Is the 500,000 deaths from them so far and 50 million injured, still not a cause for a pause.
(over 50,000 recorded deaths and over 5 million injuries – Harvard studies show only 1% of adverse reactions ever get reported but estimates conservative based on 10% would be over 500,000 deaths, and 50 million injured (half-seriously) and growing rapidly.)

Good luck with your science at Fortescue
More money than brains twiggy won’t save you or your work Force
Selling out Australians and humanity.

I thought more of you.
Maybe stick to digging dirt as it appears your expertise ends their.
Becoming a dodgy experimental drug pusher and mandating drugs to all your employers.
I thought you had a drug-free policy at Fortescue but now everyone must take these experimental drugs which will kill and injure many of them – that’s murder Twiggy – lawyer up.

I thought you could withstand the peer pressure, bullying, intimidation, bribery, coercion, and manipulation of the Covid fraudsters.
I thought you claim to be a Christian
– ask God where the science is behind this Covid fraud which you publicly are endorsing and pushing.
Be a leader Twiggy, not a gutless sellout coward.

Here’s what others had to say:

Jason Cooper
Amazing these corporations/rich think they know bloody everything, when the only thing they know is how to destroy/kill everything in their way to make more $$. GREEDY FARKERS!

Deborah Singer
I’ll be selling my shares

Mick Heald
His right hand man Nev Power is head of the Covid 19 task force or whatever its called.

Sean Grey Ablez
I have been onto this story since day 1 with Genome sequencing group with ties to Labors Anna P and her father.. BGI has been sequencing Genome data onto the cloud with Alibaba and Prc tests.. Meaning they could target and modify the virus and target any specific area of Australia.. Ie Delta is genome targeting. Who can forget the cringe worthy press conference with Greg Hunt?

Karen Anne McGlinchey
He is No good. Never was12:25 13-08-2021

Ethne Gautier
Sad. I always thought he was bright enough to know….

Marty Stoppard
Maybe he’s one of the “elites”.. and part of the plan.