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ANR Founder Challenges Rupert Murdoch to $5 Million That His Papers Are Covering Up Vaxx Deaths and Injuries

ANR Founder Challenges Rupert Murdoch to $5 Million That His Papers Are Covering Up Vaxx Deaths and Injuries.

Facebook Post By Jamie McIntyre

Newscorp doing its best at covering up the Bs19 jab death and injury.

Do you know Newscorp gets paid hundreds of millions per year and part of that contract is to cover up death and injuries from jabs (even before Bs 19 )

Dodgy Journo Jane Hansen is just one of their despicable soul less heartless presstitutes who take money for this evil act.

Rupert hold your head in shame

Here is a $ 5 million challenge that your Newspapers engage in deliberate cover up of vaxx death and injuries and push paid for bs 19 propaganda, yet never disclose this to your dumbed down readers. ( pocket change for you)

Your mother would disown you , if she knew , as does Australia disown you.
Be a man Murdoch and take up my challenge.
Why leave such a horrible legacy behind.

I and half Australia, has had a gut full of you dodgy sell out Globalists

Who cares about the bottom line- this is people’s lives – their futures

Come on f…

Or what
Do a hit job on me on the papers like dodgy rivals Fairfax – I mean who gives an f… what’s in your dodgy papers.

Only the dumbest of the dumb in society read them

Or be a man to man, and let’s have a debate on the idiocy of pushing such a deadly, rushed to market, unproven, unnecessary, ineffective, untested insane, fraudulent experimental drug disguised as a vaccine.

Other than Clive Palmer, I haven’t seen any Australians with balls to take a stand for everyday Australians.

Or does your daughter-in-law run the vaccine show and you and Lachlan do as your told?

Twiggy Forrester is a sell-out

Gina Reinhardt

Which side of the fence are you on
A Globalist sell out, or for the good people of this nation

I believe you have a good heart

Stand up for Australians in this desperate time, before our dumb hapless politicians murder millions of innocent Australians including children by pushing a deadly, unnecessary medical Experiment.

It’s not that hard to be a good human

Step up

Be a leader

Be a good person
Not a gutless sell-out
Australian National Review

For news that won’t sell Australians out for back-end deals from drug companies happy to kill innocent people so their executives get a second home in Aspen or Switzerland or perhaps Davos F…

Bring it on dodgy gutless sell out Globalists


Here’s what others had to say:

Tony Willows
Thanks, Jamie top man.

David Dyer
Hi, Jamie I know I’m not nuts but there watching from the sky at night bright lights have been there for few weeks now my wife pointed them out to me tonight in the same place every night your thoughts?

Chris Norman
I’ve read the individual vaers reports, so many dropped dead exercising…

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ANR Founder Calls for an Urgent Vote of No Confidence in Governments and a Referendum Between the Great Totalitarian Reset Agenda Verse the Great Awakening or for the Nation To Split Into 2

ANR Founder Calls for an Urgent Vote of No Confidence in Governments and a Referendum Between the Great Totalitarian Reset Agenda Verse the Great Awakening or for the Nation To Split Into 2

Facebook Post By Jamie McIntyre

A significant portion of citizens of Australia, call for “A vote of no confidence in our current political system and State and Federal Governments”.

The outdated political system has failed our so-called democracies, as have our Governments.

We want new elections with a new political system.

One where all existing political parties and politicians that have supported the deadly and insane Global medical Experiment and the over-hyped Covid are banned and placed under investigation.

Otherwise, we call for a breakaway nation.

One that will not tolerate the Globalists interference, a rushed to market, unnecessary, ineffective, dangerous, and deadly experimental drug disguised as a vaccine forced upon the vulnerable, innocent, elderly, and children.

A new nation of honour, strength and shared and fair values of human rights and civil liberties, and a commitment to its people.
One where the people rule, not the sell-out politicians.

Let our country vote via a referendum.

Those who want the Great Totalitarian Reset pushed by the Globalists using Covid as a Trojan horse to usher it in.

Or those who wish to vote for the Great Awakening.

A new and better world.

De centralised, no longer Globalised.

A new holistic Heath system, a new modern-day education system, and a political system.

Our own monetary system includes the removal of excessive taxes created by the Central Banks.

A society where 3 days a week work is enough to raise a family.

A society based on family values, which both our children and elderly are protected.

A society with full employment and encouragement to be smartened up, not dumbed down, encouraged to be healthy, not reliant on a western sickness system.

And end to the Globalist reign and banning all mainstream media companies that have supported the Covid fraud and the Global Medical Experiment.

Whereby the Globalist and Covid fraudsters are banned and held accountable for the death and injury and financial costs of their attempted coup and eliminated from our society.

It’s time to let people decide.

The Great Reset or the Great Awakening.

Or a section of our nation for each

Australian National Review


Here’s what others had to say:

Jennifer Castledine
I have no confidence in the current government. The time they all dissolved.

Karyn Young

Original Source: https://www.facebook.com/100001092086344/posts/4352851861427840/

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ANR Founder Endorses a New Potential Political System To Replace Our Current Broken One

ANR Founder Endorses a New Potential Political System To Replace Our Current Broken One

By Gold Coast Review

At Quantum Management Systems we are building a new system to serve the people and to help manage the country without the need for a government, political leaders, politics or politicians.

We are everyday Australians from all walks of life with a passion to restore genuine democratic values and options in a people lead, transparent, decorporatised, decentralised, heart based, policy driven, peaceful and unified society.

We believe in taking action with urgency to remove the tyranny, corruption and mismanagement of and by our government which has been perpetrated on our society.

We aspire for all Australians to have a voice and to be able to make decisions with real educated options and understanding.

What can the QMS do for you?

  • Do you want to change things about your country or the world?

  • Do you trust the government?

  • Do you really believe the government actually cares what you want or have to say?

  • Have you ever wondered why they seem to live above the law and are never sacked, convicted or punished for what they so often are reported to illegally or immorally have done?

  • Do you think they spend your tax money wisely?

The Quantum Management System can give us a very real chance to build our world just the way we want it to be.

We all wish for an honest, caring, supportive, connected, loving, educated, intelligent, prosperous and genuine society. Using the QMS, policies can be created by the people for the people and of the people to make this real.

The QMS is a true direct democracy system that allows for all aspects of government and management of a country, it does not take anything away from the people, it actually gives everyone in the country a voice. Councils will still be required, albeit restructured versions of council decided by the people in the shire area of that council, the public services will still operate, although now they will be fully accountable to the people of the country.

The QMS takes people, money and power, (the three major reasons for corruption in government), out of the political arena and therefore allows the people to directly manage their country using the QMS to decide policy, law and boundaries for society based on what the masses actually need and require.

To bring the QMS to life we only require about 8,500,000 of voting age to join the system as members in Australia. There are currently 14.3 million voters and 8.5 million is about 60%, this would mean that the QMS could be claimed as the management system of preference for running the country. Over 80% of all voters admit that they don’t trust the government, yet they have until now not had another option to go with.

The QMS is fully legal and constitutional and would cost a mere fraction of the cost of managing our country under the current system.

  • There can be no more back room deals, no more fat wages or pensions for doing nothing but getting rich off the peoples sweat, blood and tears.

  • No more interparty deals done to shut down positive policy for the people or to enrich some individuals who are selling something deadly or useless to the people under the guise of trying to help them.

  • We no longer require elected officials to state our claims, we can now do this directly and simply through a brand-new policy management system, the QMS is a system that is truly of the people, for the people and by the people.

  • The people will replace the parliament, senate upper and lower house positions and we will no longer require politicians, ministers or other highly paid government officials.

  • We will still have a police force, ambulance and hospital service, judiciary and legal system, social security, education system, land management and international diplomatic services.

  • Using the QMS we can build a new completely free health care system, a new completely free education system, we can empower our businesses and create new clean industries to build a better life and better health services for the people of our country.

  • We can redesign the current failing systems that have been poorly build by corrupt corporations under the guise of government.

The QMS offers us a unique yet very real opportunity to rebuild our country and economy into something completely new and vibrant.

  • Imagine a living wage generated by the assets of our country, no more debt yet no loss of ownership or status, no more economic crashes or recessions.

  • Imagine all people of a country united and of equal status and opportunity, no more need, no more homeless, no more hunger, no more crime.

  • Imagine not having to wait or needing to pay for urgent surgery or health services.

  • Free Medication and Health Care.

  • Free Education.

  • Proper care for the elderly and infirm.

These things may sound like a fairy tale, yet they are serious possibilities if we adopt the QMS and redesign our society to create the best version of our country through being the best versions of ourselves.

If you can see the true nature of our concept and feel aligned, please join us as a member.

We are not looking for funding, we only seek your engagement and support.

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ANR Founder Challenges Billionaire Andrew Forrester

ANR Founder Challenges Billionaire Andrew Forrester

By Jamie McIntyre

Dear Twiggy Forrester
Please explain the science behind rushing out a Global Medical Experiment, that’s unnecessary, ineffective, unproven, untested, dangerous and deadly, insane and ludicrous, that’s disguised as a vaccine for the flu, that according to independent Doctors and Scientists, “ if you’re not scared of the common flu, then you should have no fear of Covid “ page 10 of the Global Health Organisation report.

When there are other effective treatments (banned by Pfizer our new supreme world leaders) without the risk, these so-called vaccines, are causing.
Is the 500,000 deaths from them so far and 50 million injured, still not a cause for a pause.
(over 50,000 recorded deaths and over 5 million injuries – Harvard studies show only 1% of adverse reactions ever get reported but estimates conservative based on 10% would be over 500,000 deaths, and 50 million injured (half-seriously) and growing rapidly.)

Good luck with your science at Fortescue
More money than brains twiggy won’t save you or your work Force
Selling out Australians and humanity.

I thought more of you.
Maybe stick to digging dirt as it appears your expertise ends their.
Becoming a dodgy experimental drug pusher and mandating drugs to all your employers.
I thought you had a drug-free policy at Fortescue but now everyone must take these experimental drugs which will kill and injure many of them – that’s murder Twiggy – lawyer up.

I thought you could withstand the peer pressure, bullying, intimidation, bribery, coercion, and manipulation of the Covid fraudsters.
I thought you claim to be a Christian
– ask God where the science is behind this Covid fraud which you publicly are endorsing and pushing.
Be a leader Twiggy, not a gutless sellout coward.

Here’s what others had to say:

Jason Cooper
Amazing these corporations/rich think they know bloody everything, when the only thing they know is how to destroy/kill everything in their way to make more $$. GREEDY FARKERS!

Deborah Singer
I’ll be selling my shares

Mick Heald
His right hand man Nev Power is head of the Covid 19 task force or whatever its called.

Sean Grey Ablez
I have been onto this story since day 1 with Genome sequencing group with ties to Labors Anna P and her father.. BGI has been sequencing Genome data onto the cloud with Alibaba and Prc tests.. Meaning they could target and modify the virus and target any specific area of Australia.. Ie Delta is genome targeting. Who can forget the cringe worthy press conference with Greg Hunt?

Karen Anne McGlinchey
He is No good. Never was12:25 13-08-2021

Ethne Gautier
Sad. I always thought he was bright enough to know….

Marty Stoppard
Maybe he’s one of the “elites”.. and part of the plan.

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ANR Founder Says This Is One of Many Sad Stories We Receive Almost Daily of Loved Ones Losing Their Family Members to the Deadly COVID Vaccines – And Few Are Being Reported

ANR Founder Says This Is One of Many Sad Stories We Receive Almost Daily of Loved Ones Losing Their Family Members to the Deadly COVID Vaccines – And Few Are Being Reported

By Jamie McIntyre

Hey mate. I got a close-to-home story. My brother suffered a HUGE stroke this morning. Blood clot on the brain. Doctors have recommended making funeral plans. It’s not looking good. He’s extremely Autistic.  54 Y/o. Lived in a government care facility. And was forced to have the jab. Got his second Pfizer jab on the 14th of July. I believe the jab caused this.

A friend of mine said I need to report this to VAERS.  But I don’t know-how. Waiting for another brain scan tonight. But regardless. The doctor said there is nothing they can do for him. I want people to know doctors will cover this shit with excuses like the clot was three weeks after the last jab so it couldn’t be the cause. Fucking lying assholes. He was forced to take this death jab as he is Autistic and doesn’t understand anything about the virus. He cannot express himself due to his mental status. The Government has murdered my brother. And God knows how many others.

From ANR Founder

Yes very sad
Sorry to hear
Our condolences to your family.

Sadly, they will continue to get away with it l.
Can we share your story?
We can keep your name anonymous.

Sure mate. I want to help people understand that this death jab is more than just rare adverse reactions. This is a killing machine.  On my way to the Austin Hospital now. Doctors called this morning and said things are really not looking good. I think this is it. Will keep you updated.

Hi mate. We got the call today just after lunch. It’s official. The doctors apparently call it officially dead when the brain is no longer functioning. He’s gone, mate. My sister and I agreed to donate his organs, and already two lives will hopefully be saved today. Lungs and liver. After the organ harvesting, the body will be sent for an autopsy. I really hope they are honest with the report. I’m almost certain the so-called Vax has taken his life. As he was perfectly fine prior to being forced to have it.

ANR Founder

So sorry  to hear mate
The story needs to be told.

I’m happy if you want to tell the story. I feel there are so many deaths occurring at the moment and they are just ignoring them. The longer the times away from the vaccinations will mean people will try and debunk the vaccine connection.  Just wait till people start dropping dead in a few months to a year after the vax. Most idiots will say it can’t be the vax because it was administered months or even a year ago

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ANR Founder Jamie McIntyre Thanks Donors and Updated Progress and His Views on What’s Happening With COVID, Bitcoin 2.0 and the Resistance Coin

ANR Founder Jamie McIntyre Thanks Donors and Updated Progress and His Views on What’s Happening With COVID, Bitcoin 2.0 and the Resistance Coin
By Staff Reporter


Convert Bitcoin 2.0 to Qoin know more

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