Jamie McIntyre

A Video by ANR Founder last year about Dictator Dan Andrew’s Should flee Victoria as he wouldn’t be safe – where is Dan?

A Video by ANR Founder last year about Dictator Dan Andrew’s Should flee Victoria as he wouldn’t be safe – where is Dan?

By Jamie McIntyre

Firstly Ben, Dan Andrews doesn’t need me to have people want to incite violence against him, as he is doing a good job all by himself.

Plus I have no semi assault high powered weapons that he has armed the Victorian police with, who were inciting violence against innocent protesters on the weekend, and dragged a pregnant mum out of her home in hand cuffs in front of her kids to achieve publicity for “ tough Dan “ for simply posting on Facebook, or arresting granny’s in the park needing to take a rest and sit down.

I didn’t tell anyone to be violent towards Dan Andrews as you’ll hear below. I just highlighted he should flee Victoria while he safely can as soon he won’t be able to because Victorians will eventually have enough if they haven’t already.

I think that’s just honest and valid commentary. What do you think ?

I think we know who the violent lunatic is and that’s Dan Andrews so Ben you are either with us, or against us, the people or for Dictator Dan Andrews.

I suggest Ben you get your facts right or do you have an issue that you are losing listeners in droves because you represent dodgy mainstream media ?

And I represent the growing threat of independent media that people are shifting to in mass.

My followers feel free to contact 2GB advertisers and tell them if they don’t stop supporting mainstream media such as 2GB’s Ben Fordham’s show to he apologises, mainstream media that lie to us and push mainstream media conspiracies, and are traitors to our people and Democracy, you will boycott their products unless they shift their advertising to independent media such as www.australiannationalreview.com

Listen below to his recording and my response.

Share your thoughts.

Here’s what others had to say: 

Jason Mcgrath
2BG radio Ben Fordum you a disgrace to Allen jones get the fuk off 2GB

Chris Irwin
Hahahah. Go hard jamie… we are rising

Troy Todd
I used to like Ben Fordham but now in my opinion has just turned very arrogant.
Hey Ben just stick to your segments on honey on the TV

Mark Macsweeney

Grant Koidos
We the people will jail all the corrupt evil lying politicians!!!!
Thats what we want!!!

Barbara Marangidis
Well said keep VOICING the truth and saying it as it is !!

Clay Sherlock
Good stuff. Just too long to watch it all, brief clips of 1-3 mins would keep more viewers. Keep it up 👍

Christian Aplidjotis
Love ya work Jamie 👍

Ben Weirheim
Hey can anyone say what products/businesses are sponsoring Ben Fordham’s show? Let’s start a list and contact them.

Hay Lion
Hey Jamie my friend; Don’t worry these shit holes. We know who is who. Keep up the challenging good work. They are the cheap heroes sucking the balls of their masters. Raising the truth against the falsehood is the brave men’s business.

Hellenic Kefi
We just want the Australia our ancestors died for !!!!
Enough is enough

Kelly Anne Francis
Good on you for speaking up the truth i know people that have had there accounts deleted for speaking up and yet we are made to watch lies from the media fake news.